Historic Rural Hill Presents North Carolina Brewers and Music Festival

Frequently Asked Questions


I'm a merchandise (not food) vendor. What can I do to be considered as a festival vendor? Email your request to [email protected]. Call 704 875 3113 for additional questions.

Why did the 2020 NCBMF get postponed?
As we all work through the Covid-19 we did not feel it would be
responsible or safe to hold a festival.  We appreciate your understanding and thank you for your continued support of Rural Hill and the NCBMF.  For a full statement please click here

What if I bought a ticket for 2020?
Your ticket is automatically valid for the 2021 festival on May 7th
and 8th.  If you absolutely cannot use your ticket please submit a refund request through Eventbrite and we will issue a refund as soon as we can but we sincerely hope you can join us for 2021.

What bands will be playing in 2021?
We are working to have as close to the same lineup for next year as we
possibly can and so far the Steep Canyon Rangers, Acoustic Syndicate, Jill Andrews, Hayes Carll, Fireside Collective, Big Daddy Love, and Sol Driven Train are all signed up to be back.  We will keep you posted as more bands are added.

Will the festival lose money by not having a 2020 Event
Yes, but we are working to mitigate those costs as best we can but the
festival will be losing money this year as a result of Covid-19 and your continued support is incredibly appreciated.

What Can I do to help out my favorite bands, breweries and event

Make sure to keep buying local beer.  Leave the big guys beer on the
shelf and be especially mindful of breweries that don’t can or bottle. 
Go by and grab a crowler or fill up those growlers.  Be sure to buy brewery and band merchandise during this time and buy some new CD’s or download some music from bands that would have played an event you planned to attend.  For venues you can buy tickets to events further out or hold onto your tickets and credit them forward to another show you want to attend when we all can return to normal.  Support local beer, independent music and your favorite festivals and venues.  You can also donate directly to Historic Rural Hill on their website as they are a 501c-3 organization.

Why didn’t you move the festival back so we could enjoy this amazing
event this year?

As much as we would have loved to, scheduling a festival is not an
easy thing to do.  As we looked at dates to reschedule there was not much available until after Thanksgiving and considering the musicians, breweries, volunteers, staff, sponsors, and attendees the best thing for us to do was to postpone until 2021 and come back with another great May festival full of the best local beer anywhere and amazing live music. 

We appreciate your understanding and look forward to seeing you at Rural Hill in May of 2021.

Where is the North Carolina Brewers & Music Festival (NCBMF?)
NCBMF will be on May 8th and 9th at Historic Rural Hill, a non-profit historic site and farm located 20 minutes from downtown Charlotte in Huntersville NC. This event is rain-or-shine and will not be rescheduled. The festival address is: Historic Rural Hill, 4431 Neck Road, Huntersville, NC.

What is the NCBMF?
A celebration of great music, North Carolina, and its craft brewing traditions, NCBMF will delight you with eleven bands over two days and as many NC brewers who can be here on Saturday, serving free tastings of their finest brews for over three hours, all in the confines of one of the most beautiful and historic properties in Mecklenburg County!

What do I get with my festival ticket?
If you purchase a Tasting Ticket, you will be given admission to the show, a program guide / schedule, exclusive tasting glass and the right to try as many beers as you would like, for free, during the three + hour tasting session. That’s a lot of time and a lot of beer, we encourage you to pace yourself, try new flavors and varieties, meet new people and find new favorites!

To purchase 2021 tickets, click here

If you purchase a Music Only Ticket you will receive a program guide / schedule and admission to the festival. You may not take part in the tasting portion of the festival, but you may purchase beer / wine / cider from several locations throughout the day.

If you purchase a Designated Driver Ticket, you will receive a program guide / schedule, and admission to the festival. Designated Driver Ticket holders are not allowed to taste or purchase alcohol from any location throughout the day.

What do I HAVE to bring to NCBMF?
If you intend to purchase a tasting ticket for the NCBMF, you and all recipients of said tickets must possess a valid government issued picture ID which will be checked at the gate. If you do not bring a valid picture ID, you will be given a designated driver ticket, even if you have already paid for the tasting ticket. WE WILL NOT ISSUE REFUNDS OR PAY OUT THE DIFFERENCE. Your wrist will be banded at the gate according to the type of ticket you have purchased. No beer will be given or sold to anyone without the correct type of band and tasting glass.

What can I bring to NCBMF?
You may bring the following items for your personal comfort:
Lawn / camp chairs
Cameras (Photograph, NOT video)
Pop-up tents (must be securely staked into the ground and kept within the designated area)

SEALED bottled non-alcoholic beverages (All bottles will be inspected for a seal, if seal is broken, the bottle may not come through gate. NO GLASS BOTTLES ALLOWED PERIOD) KEEP YOUR BOTTLE AND REFILL FOR FREE AT THE AVAILABLE WATER STATIONS.

*NCBMF is not responsible in any way for any lost and / or stolen items, personal or otherwise *

What CAN’T I bring to NCBMF?
Pets other than service animals
Firearms, Knives or any other weapons
Glass Containers of any kind
Mugs, Cups, Thermoses or any other open drinking vessel
Outside food
Any Alcoholic Beverages

My friend isn’t feeling too well and has a cut – where can I take him for help?
Medics are always located near the cabin at the top of the hill and are marked on the festival map. They will be more than ready to help you!

Where’s the smoking section?
There’s not one. Pursuant to Mecklenburg County Ordinance, Rural Hill is now a tobacco-free zone. This includes both smoking, smokeless tobacco, e-cigarettes, vaporizers and other such devices.

Will there be food vendors?
Yes, there will be several food vendors including some local food trucks.  Check back soon for more info.

What about parking?
Historic Rural Hill has plenty of parking spaces available; just follow the signs as you approach the festival from Neck Road. Parking is FREE. We strongly recommend all participants to have a designated driver with them. There is no charge to leave your vehicle overnight with us. Camping is another great option to consider!

What time should I arrive Saturday if I’m just coming for the festival and not camping?
The gates to the festival open at 11:30, but keep in mind that there will more than likely be a line to get in, so plan accordingly. (Obviously we’ll do our best to keep it moving as quickly as possible. Help us do this by having your tickets, ID’s and method of payment out and ready.)

Can we tailgate in the parking lot while we’re waiting to get in or ‘till our friends get here?
Unequivocally NO; the consumption of alcohol in the parking lot is strictly banned and will be dealt with accordingly. Any person deemed to be intoxicated prior to entry will not be allowed into the festival area by festival staff.

Can I leave and come back?
Yes, but any person deemed to be intoxicated by festival staff will not be allowed back inside the gates during festival hours.

Okay, I’m inside the festival, where can I go?
You will be given a festival map upon entry. While it’s pretty easy to get around, please note that the fenced off areas and the cabin are off limits to festival goers. These areas are for artists and staff only.

When will beer be available to purchase?
A varying number and variety of craft NC beers will be on sale at multiple locations throughout the day. Anyone with a “Tasting” or “Music Only” wrist band may purchase beer. BTW, each tent will have a different selection, so be sure to shop around.

I have a drone, can I fly it and take pictures of the property and people at the event?
Drones are not allowed on Rural Hill property or at ANY Rural Hill event unless written permission from Rural Hill Staff has been obtained. To inquire about obtaining permission, please contact the office of Rural Hill at 704 875 3113 or email [email protected]

What are those cool buffalo looking things inside that fence?
That is Historic Rural Hill’s small herd of Scottish Highland Cattle. Bubba, Fiona, Dolly, and Chewy live on the farm throughout the year and are a key part of our educational programs, which reach over 2500 students each year.


Can I touch them?
Please see above statement in all caps.

This sounds awesome, we want to hang out all weekend!
Camp here! The Historic Rural Hill Campground is an easy walk from the festival grounds, located across the road in the secluded Rural Hill Nature Preserve. We have RV hookups for power and water, as well as ample space for tents and pop-ups. Cost for overnight camping starts at $18 for tents or hammocks. For more information about camping please click here.

What's the deal with the NCBMF Friday Night Jam?
Everyone is now invited to the 2020 NCBMF Friday Night Jam! Once exclusive to the campground, this event is now a ticketed event open to the public and is held on the main festival grounds. Each weekend camping reservation comes with 2 tickets to this event. Additional tickets may be purchased online. Food Trucks and craft beer sales tents will be on site to provide food and drinks.

Note: If you camp Friday night you must commit to camping all weekend. All campers must also purchase a ticket to the NCBMF.

I’m planning on camping- can I keep my car near my tent?
Vehicles are not allowed in the campground due to safety and space concerns. You will unload your gear and then park in the designated parking area near the campground.

I have one tent but 6 people – how many camping reservations should I purchase?
You should purchase one reservation per tent / camper trailer / RV.

If I buy a camping reservation does this include Saturday admission?

If I buy a Saturday ticket does that include camping?

Can I camp on Thursday night?
Yes, please purhcase your weekend camping pass and the thursday add on.  There is no programing on Thursday night but you are welcome to enjoy the campground and get settled in a day early.

Can I camp for the weekend and not go to the festival?
No. Well yes, but you’ll have to purchase a festival ticket anyway and won’t get to have any fun, so it’s not advised.

What time should I arrive Saturday if I’m setting up camp?
You can arrive Saturday morning as early as 8:30 to set up camp. The gates open to the festival at 11:30, keep in mind that there will more than likely be a line to get in, so plan accordingly.

Have a question that you don’t see here in this list? Feel free to contact Rural Hill staff by emailing your question or comment to [email protected].